The Easiest Way To Park And Move Your Bike

The Easiest Way to Move your Motorcycle

If you have confined spaces to park in, if you are sick of 10 point turns or just want an easy way to move your motorcycle in your garage, the RollAway Motorcycle Mover is your answer! Made in Australians the Heavy Duty RAMM is the answer to your parking problems.

Heavy Duty Construction

The Rollaway Motorcycle Mover, or RAMM, is made from 6mm or 8mm mild steel and has been designed to last, and carry Motorcycle that weigh up to 400kgs (Two models available)

  • High Quality Casters
  • Solid Construction
  • Up To 400 kgs

Fully Adjustable Stand Rest

The Footstand Rest can be adjust to suit most bikes. Check the details on the Product page for more details, and how to measure to make sure you bike will fit.

  • Fits from 65cm to 110cm
  • Suits Cruisers and Sports Bikes
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Heavy Duty

  • Heavy Duty is suitable for most bikes
  • Super HD Available Soon
  • Check the Product details Page for more information

Two models available soon – Heavy duty will suit most Motorcycles – Super Heavy Duty is for Motorcycles with weights over 400kgs and wide back ends – Available soon.

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